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Businesses within the Conscious Community Collective network will enjoy our referral nest, trusted stamp of approval, inclusion with our online business directory, periodic meetings to maintain cohesiveness and support and relationships, access to periodic planned philanthropic opportunities to give back to our community and establish our names as businesses within our regions.

All businesses within the Conscious Community Collectives will need to go through an application and on-boarding process.

the plan for business owners

Here’s how we help
businesses thrive:

Apply to Join

Every potential Collective member goes through a thorough application process and interview.

Chat with our Team

We’ll set up a time to get to know you and ensure that there is alignment between your business goals and our community. 

Join the Community

Once you’re accepted, complete your contract and set up your profile in our private networking platform.

We help business owners avoid...

  • Wasting time looking for the right resources.
  • Struggling with too much work & few connections.
  • Feeling unsupported and unable to make the right decisions.
  • Taking ineffective risks that don’t pay off.
  • Not having access to quality referrals.

We provided over $3500 of tangible benefit to each of our members in 2023. This didn’t even include the referrals or the fun!


Every entrepreneur needs their people. We have an instant community for you of warm, community-minded and ethical business owners.


Meet your “dream team” to generate new ideas, stay excited about your business, commiserate and celebrate with.


We can’s stop learning. There’s always something new, more, exciting to know to keep you moving forward- both as a human and a business owner.


Every member gets 2 hours of individualized business consulting as part of their membership. This can absolutely change the trajectory of a business, and is not a luxury small business owners often gift to themselves.


We link you with local business supports and services that every business owner needs. Our partner discounts alone would pay for your membership!


We list you in our free online directory, include you and your business offerings in our social media campaigns, we attend expos on your behalf, meet with parent groups, schools, doctors, etc.


You’ll join our referral nest of local like-minded business owners in your industry – and their clients need your services! Our free placement line and the online directory categories can lead your perfect clients and customers directly to you.

For the price of a box of fliers monthly, you can enjoy a comfortable, limitless referral nest, method of giving back to your local community, and inclusion in an elite group of individuals and businesses local to your area

  1. Monthly: $100/month- access to all the benefits!
  2. Annually: $1000/12 months- access to all the benefits at a discount for paying ahead (MOST POPULAR for a $200/year savings)
  3. Ad Space: $200 for 6 months/ $300 for 12 months
    • A listing profile in our “Local Products and Places We Can Get Behind’ category of our online directory.
  4. Ad Member: $600 for 12 months, includes ad space for those 12 months
    • A paired down version of our memberships; get access to educational workshops, events and virtual monthly meetings.
    • Listed in our Online Directory in the Local Products and Places Category- linked to your website and/or social media or choice.
    • Opportunities to participate in Monthly Meetings, Educational Workshops and Planned Community Philanthropic Opportunities and Events (virtual and in-person).

free concierge service

Not sure where to start?

If you are not sure where to start or exactly what your first step should be to support your family – use our FREE concierge service!  We have a team of parents and entrepreneurs local to Columbus ready to assist you! Don’t hesitate to call us and we will do our best to help you find the best services for your family’s needs. Submit a questionnaire, email [email protected], call or text to 614-315-1851 to get started with our free, no strings attached consultative or placement/referral services.


I am looking forward to seeing this group grow.

June 6, 2024

This is a cool service. Even better is that it is free. I am looking forward to seeing this group grow and what other great supports I can find for my business in this group.

Armando D.

I love watching all the new businesses pop up!

June 6, 2024

It is really hard to find small business supports that will do a good, ethical job these days. I am grateful you are taking the time to find and highlight these individuals.

Natalia F.

FINALLY! A free resource that supports small business in Columbus.

June 6, 2024

FINALLY! A free resource that supports small business in Columbus. Thanks for making finding the “dream team” easy!

Eric S.

Fully Benefitted

May 7, 2024

I love being with the members and have fully benefited from the education, referrals and business consulting that come along with my membership.



May 7, 2024

Joining the Conscious Community Collective has helped me grow my business with new connections throughout central Ohio as well as my knowledge and understanding of how to run a small business.

The community has been an invaluable support system and I love the emphasis on community and personal growth that Kim has established. She also places value on family first, continuing education, and personal connection – All values that I align my business with as well.

Jackie Burtch


May 7, 2024

CCC has provided an opportunity for members to get to know one another and learn ways to improve their business practices. This elite group of businesses has come together for a common goal of providing high-quality services and supports for our local community.

Kate Wallace


May 7, 2024

I love this community. It’s great to feel so supported after all these years of flying solo!



May 7, 2024

Being a part of the Conscious Community Collectives has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business. Having access to business resources, workshops, connections, and the overall close knit feel of being a part of this community of like minded, heart centered businesses is such a great feeling. After every CCC event, we always feel full, connected and energized to keep going in our business which is so needed for the nonstop entrepreneurial grind! We are grateful for CCC!

Amber Fullah

Boosted My Confidence

May 7, 2024

Being a part of the Conscious Community Collectives has undoubtedly set me up for success as I started my new business in the child and family space. The many opportunities provided have enhanced my knowledge and skill levels on a variety of topics, which has boosted my confidence as a new business owner. I have made many meaningful connections with other like-minded professionals in our welcoming community. The sense of belonging is felt deeply and I cannot be more grateful!

Jennifer Jury


May 7, 2024

The Collective really cares about its members and clients. I love the community togetherness. The events put on by the Collective are very well thought out and executed.

Amanda Owens

Healthy and Growing

May 7, 2024

Being a part of the CCC has been wonderful for me, both from a business standpoint and personal perspective. I’ve been able to connect with other small business owners to learn about keeping my business healthy and growing, while also receiving business coaching from Kim and the other guest speakers she brings in. I’ve

been able to meet people who share a similar vision for how to serve families in our community, which has led to some exciting collaborations.

Dr. Parker Huston


May 7, 2024

I’ve been looking for “my people” in the Central Ohio business bubble for quite some time. I am so glad I said yes to this membership- I feel supported and energized by this group and its offerings. It has renewed my energy and growth!



May 7, 2024

I’ve truly enjoyed my time with the Collective since joining! As a small business owner for over 10 years, it’s been so nice to meet like-minded people who are also in the business of helping families. Kim is a wealth of knowledge and provides fun and meaningful events to connect with others and learn. Highly recommend!

Martha Orbovich
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