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Dedicated to Giving Back

We are here to show up for our Central Ohio community and give back however we can.  We have done school supply drives, clean ups, donations and food pantries etc. in the past and it won’t stop there.  We aim to actionably and collectively make a difference for our local kids, families and small businesses.

Talk to Real People

Our concierge service is FREE to our local community! Contact our team and speak to a real, live person that actually resides in your local community. We will talk with you about your family needs and guide you in the right direction.

Volunteer Projects

As a Collective, we will give back to our community with quarterly volunteer service projects! Keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for announcements. Have an idea for a service project for us? Let us know.

Our Community

At CCC, we believe that children and families are the backbones to our communities. We have consciously chosen local and ethical businesses to help support the needs of your family in our free to use directory. A win-win for everyone involved. THIS is how we support one another and truly make a difference.