Our Story

real people on a real mission

Conscious Community Collectives is owned and operated by the Erskine family. They have lived in Columbus for the past 20 years.  They have 2 young boys and have been entrepreneurs in our great city for 15 years. They are the past creators of Flourish Integrated Therapy and The Flourish Center. This was their first entrepreneurial venture and was a great success in the 9 years they owned it before selling to another local family in 2021.  
Shane and Kim couldn’t stop there, and felt that pull to come back and help the backbones of Central Ohio in an actionable way; kids and family and small business. This is where the future is made after all, along with the warmth, innovation and life of our community. 
They also know, because they are in both of those groups, that we are often left flapping in the wind in these roles, hoping we are doing all the right things with no how-to manual to access. Yet, these 2 groups are just so very important.  

It just doesn’t have to be this way. 

Using their network, lived experiences, connections and lessons from their prior 10 years of business in the kids and family space, Conscious Community Collectives was born.
We are a free, reputable resource for families of all kinds. We offer a free online directory of reputable, ethical and local kids and family supports.  We also offer a free placement line where we listen and guide and connect you to real, skilled people that can help.  
We are a Collective of small business owners that not only support the kids and families in Central Ohio, but we support one another too.  
It’s not an easy concept to fit into a 60 second elevator pitch, but it works wonderfully and we are proud of what CCC has already helped the backbones of our community accomplish and what it will continue to do.  
So, if you are a Central Ohio family or a Central Ohio business owner, come along with us. Access the directory or call the free line and chat with us so we can best help.

We are real people on a real mission. 

Thanks for being with us!
Shane and Kim